RSVP Miley Cyrus

It's become habit to enter "walking on eggshellz," "acod," etc., on Google in search of my blog.  I do it all the time.  I seldom find my blog before page twenty something of the search engine's results, but today I found something else.  I found a People Magazine article racking up revenue from Miley's misery and possible Facebook Status Update to "ACOD."  I really don't know anything about Miley Cyrus, although I now know that Trish allegedly cheated on Billy Ray. Skank.  Whatever, I won't judge, but People Magazine will and lucky for them they make a boatload of cash from publicizing this tentative divorce.  They are going to hell with their millions.

I wonder if Miley is as disappointed as I was with Google's lack of ACOD resources.  How many times a day does she search for way to cope with her parents' divorce?  People Magazine reports that she is not taking sides (kudos Miley, but we all know that isn't possible) and that she "has been upset recently."  Understatement of the century, unless she has a heart of coal.  She might, I don't know her.

Anyhow, I wonder if she will search the term ACOD and stumble upon my blog.  That would be pretty sweet.  I would trade one thousand hits from around the globe for Miley's subscription to my feed.  Sorry guys.  I don't know the first thing about her but I am mesmerized by her fame.  I'm a groupie at heart and it doesn't matter what your talent, or lack thereof according to the Hannah Montana Haters Club.

Miley, if your reading this, divorce sucks.  Also, please RSVP.


  1. I am not Miley but I think Facebook should consider an ACOD status option. You're funny. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. Also, not Miley, sorry for the disappointment. I did get your reply on my "pregnant 30 yr old being driven crazy by divorcing parents" thread tho, thought I would check eggshellz out. Nicely done. I haven't reached the point of expressing my emotions or even my lack of emotion. I think I'm still in limbo.
    And Miley, you should respond.

  3. Pregnant 30 year old being driven crazy by divorcing parents,

    They say that there is never a good time for your parents to opt for divorce, but you showed them! How could your parents do that to you at this time?! You can't even drink! How awful...

    Limbo's not a bad place to be, at least my boyfriend would think so after all the drama I unleashed on him this year...

    Thanks for visiting and I love the name! Wishing I could change this blog's name to Snatch it before someone else does :)