Letter to my Readers

Dear Readers,

I woke up this morning and decided to end this blog.  I tried to call my Brother, who has supported and encouraged me to keep writing since day one, but he had to go to some infinite-variable-organic-rocket-science-genius-only Math class.  He did not have time to discuss the lifespan of my blog.  I am still a little peeved by this but I guess school comes first.  Anyhow, he will be rich no doubt and I will live in his garage and play my drums with my invisible band and write on my blog all day.  

By lunch, I decided I was helping millions and could not betray all my loyal readers.  Also, I got comments today, which I love, and I felt oh so popular.  

I tried to talk the dilemma over with my boyfriend but he was super busy today reviewing engineering diagrams in search of some mystical form of alternative energy to prevent the next apocalypse.  I started to make a Pro and Con list but decided to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead.  

By 5pm I came to the realization that no one cares about my blog-dilemma and that they never read my blog in the first place.  (Other than my Brother.) I went so far as to start a new blog about happy silly things.  I made a link to that blog in the previous post.  I know you didn't take the time to visit it because there is a stat counter.  I am a little peeved about that too, but no use harping on that now.

I know this is not the professional way to have a breakdown about my blog, but I am at wits end.  Is this blog worth my time?  Does this blog scream, "Get yourself some therapy asap."  I am confused about the tone of my blog, is it sad, funny, cynical, LOL-worthy?  Am I making a mockery of my own misery?  What was I thinking the day I started this place.  This may be my last post. And yes, that is a threat.  But joking, sort of.

Oh, and my name isn't Rev.  It's Tali.



  1. I can honestly say that since I started reading your blog, I feel like there is someone out there I can connect with. Someone who knows exactly how I feel. Has dealt with the same things I will be dealing with.

    I hope you don't stop writing...

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous. I have a friend who blogs (partially for earning extra money for her family, in her case), but she told me when I decided to start mine to be patient. That it took a while to build a base. I know how you are feeling. I sometimes feel that way when writing my blog on ACOD; however, I remind myself that I started it mainly for my own therapeutic reasons. Writing my feelings out on there magically helps me sort through my feelings and really and truly is therapeutic. My next reason for starting it was with the hope that someday, over time, that eventually it would reach someone or many people that need to find it, people like us going through this and feeling alone. So, anyways, just know that your blog has helped me tremendously and like anonymous said, it has made me feel less alone. I don't comment as much as I would like, but that does not diminish the positive and healing effect your words have had on my heart. Thank you for all you have done.

  3. The funny thing is, reading all these comments makes me feel less alone. I guess this blog works both ways.

    The blog is still open and with a new look. I call this look, au'natural. I cleaned it up a bit. Fresh.

  4. Keep it up...
    It helps a lot and is inspiring.
    It has calmed me down.

    Thanks Tali